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1 November 2021, L'Express

Joe Biden détient-il (vraiment) la clef du changement climatique ?


4 October 2021, L'Express

L'Amérique et la grande peur inflationniste

15 September 2021, Le Monde

Une démocratie sans électeurs et sans sa jeunesse est-elle encore démocratique?

8 September 2021, L'Express

Joe Biden, déjà pressé par le temps pour réformer l'économie américaine

20 November 2020, Le Monde

Les femmes sont plus respectueuses des mesures de confinement et des gestes barrières

7 November 2020, VoxEU

Gender differences in COVID-19 perception and compliance

22 September 2020, VoxEU

The minimal effects of TV debates between candidates

26 January 2020, Le Monde

« Christophe Castaner doit réviser sa circulaire sur les municipales »

9 December 2019, VoxDev

The Power of Biometric Identification for Development

15 October 2019, Pro Market

Fighting Poverty With Field Experiments: the Nobel Laureates’ Revolution

5 July 2018, Le Monde
Mesurer l’impact des politiques publiques est un exercice indispensable

15 Mar 2018, Le Monde
L’alternative entre scrutins majoritaire et proportionnel demeure réductrice

16 May 2017, Le Figaro

Présidentielle: comment les électeurs de Fillon et de Mélenchon ont voté au second tour

In the News

27 July 2021, Hubwonk (Pioneer Institute)

Chasing Election Integrity. Strict Voter ID Laws' Impact on Turnout & Fraud


15 July 2021, Spectrum News

Debate over photo voter ID laws is enduring – and complex

14 July 2021, The Washington Times

Conflicting, contradictory results in studies of alleged racism, voter suppression in election laws


2 June 2021, The Weeds (podcast, starting at 42')

White paper: "Strict ID Laws Don't Stop Voters: Evidence from a U.S. Nationwide Panel, 2008–2018," by Enrico Cantoni and Vincent Pons (May 22; The Quarterly Journal of Economics)


31 May 2021, Le Monde

Vincent Pons : « Il est impossible de comprendre les mutations de l’économie sans s’interroger sur les chocs politiques dans la société »


11 May 2021, Left Foot Forward

Compulsory voter ID: What the US can teach us about fraud, confidence and suppression


22 April 2021, The Conversation
Vital Signs: The Pros and Cons of Diversity in Organisations


14 January 2021, Le Quart d'Heure Politique
Joe Biden: Une campagne digitale pionnière ?

9 December 2020, UCLA Anderson Review
Voters Often Opt for Candidate They Expect to Win

23 November 2020, Le Figaro
La campagne invisible de Joe Biden peut-elle devenir un modèle?

2 November 2020, BBC
Very Few Voters Remain Undecided, But One Thing Still Matters: Turnout

29 October 2020, HBS Working Knowledge
The COVID Gender Gap: Why Fewer Women Are Dying

27 October 2020, Mint
Election debates don’t sway voters enough

21 October 2020, Fox News
Women take coronavirus more seriously than men, study shows

20 October 2020, Scientific American
Presidential Debates Have Shockingly Little Effect on Election Outcomes

17 October 2020, Diario Financiero
El estallido llega a Harvard

30 September 2020, Poynter
Do debates affect presidential elections? Not much.

29 September 2020, BBC
As it happened: The US debate 'cat fight'

29 September 2020, Fast Company
Do debates matter? Do they change minds about elections? Here’s what the data say

25 September 2020, Spectrum News
Presidential Debates: Public Service, Must-See TV, or Both?

1 September 2020, HBS Alumni Bulletin
Navigating the Populism Phenomenon

29 June 2020, J-PAL
On Track: Health Care, Patient Data, and Provider Performance

25 June 2020, J-PAL
Connecting the dots from detection to cure

19 November 2019, HBS Working Knowledge
Do TV Debates Sway Voters?

21 February 2019, Vox
A new study finds voter ID laws don’t reduce voter fraud — or voter turnout

21 February 2019, HBS Working Knowledge
Voter ID Laws Don't Work (But They Don't Hurt Anything, Either)

19 February 2019, Boston Globe
Voter ID laws aren’t worth fighting over

19 February 2019, Economist
Do voter ID laws reduce turnout among black Americans?

12 February 2019, New York Times
The Myths of Voter ID

11 February 2019, Marginal Revolution
Strict ID Laws Don’t Stop Voters: Evidence from a U.S. Nationwide Panel

6 September 2018, Cold Call
Should US Companies Still Care About the Paris Climate Change Agreement?

9 July 2018, The Journalist's Resource

Door-to-door canvassing campaigns can sway voter decisions

6 July 2018, American Economic Association
Winning votes, one conversation at a time

28 September 2017, Harvard Gazette
An electoral French revolution

10 June 2017, Prospect
How big data helped secure Emmanuel Macron’s astounding victory

20 June 2017, Huffington Post
How Obama Won The French Election

8 May 2017, Harvard Business Review
The French Election and What It Means for Europe with Vincent Pons

8 May 2017, Christian Science Monitor
In Macron, supporters see a champion of optimism

7 May 2017, Boston Globe
Why don’t we vote on weekends?

21 April 2017, Atlantic
Can a French Political Upstart Ride Obama's Strategy to Victory?

25 April 2017, Capital
LMP, la start-up qui a aidé Macron à gagner

21 April 2017, Harvard Business Review
How France’s Brand of Populism Differs from What Drove Brexit and Trump

15 April 2017, Sputnik
Macron Wants to Implement Vital Economic Reforms in France Amid Scandals

13 April 2017, Le Monde
Three men + software = l'Elysée?

13 April 2017, Huffington Post
Candidates already know who you're going to vote for, and it's not through surveys

11 October 2016, Harvard Business Review
The Nobel Prize in Economics. An analysis with Harvard Business School economist Vincent Pons

23 August 2016, MIT Technology Review
U.S.-style canvassing boosts French voter turnout.

22 June 2016, Le Figaro
Liegey-Muller-Pons, la start-up qui veut moderniser les campagnes électorales

15 June 2016, BFM Business
"En Marche !": "C'est une démarche qui consiste à se mettre à l'écoute des Français"

18 May 2016, PRI: The World
Every vote matters. What's the best way to get them?

10 May 2016, L'Express
Les stratèges de la grande marche d'Emmanuel Macron

2 May 2016, HBS Working Knowledge
Why People Don’t Vote—and How a Good Ground Game Helps

7 April 2016, PBS Newshour
Brief, face-to-face canvassing reduces transgender prejudice, study says

19 February 2016, Quartz
Can you change someone’s politics by talking to them for five minutes?


21 January 2016, MIT News
The perils of building democracy in Africa

13 January 2016, HBS Working Knowledge
The Problem with Productivity of Multi-Ethnic Teams

14 March 2015, Le Monde
L’abstention et ses territoires

18 February 2015, New York Times
The National Front’s Post-Charlie Hebdo Moment

20 March 2014, Liberation
Europe? Yes, we can

21 April 2012, New York Times
In France, Using Lessons From Obama Campaign

20 April 2012, Slate
The American Connection